• Our old building off of HWY 100

  • Founder Carl E. Anderson Sr.

  • The old shop

  • Carl and his son Jerry Anderson

Our History

Anderson Automatics has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in August, 1948, when Carl E. Anderson started the company with two machines and 700 square feet of space.  He left Champion Outboard Motors with 2 paychecks and 9 children.  His supervisor told him that he would be back looking for his job in 6 months.  This comment was his motivation to build his own business and not let that happen.  He grew the business right away making shear pins for outboard motors.

In 1952, Carl built a new building on 49th and France Ave. N.  This building was 1900 sq. ft. of which he occupied half.  He rented the other half to an Indian Motorcycle dealer.  Within 2 years he occupied the entire building and in 1964 built another building on the same property adding an additional 12,500 sq.ft.

Carl Sr. decided to sell to his sons in 1972.   Jerry and Doug, who had just started full-time, commenced the 10 year buyout.  Jerry was President of the Company while Doug was Vice President.  Carl eventually retired in 1976.

Jerry and Doug built the building we are now in Brooklyn Park, MN in 1979 with plenty of space to expand.  Eventually the building expanded to it’s current size of 62,500 sq ft.  Anderson Automatics occupies 40,000 sq. ft. and rents the balance.

In 1990, Jerry was diagnosed with brain cancer.  He passed away 2 years later and Doug became 100% owner of Anderson Automatics, Inc.

In May of 1992, Anderson merged with another screw machine company, Carleton Screw Products.  Jeff Carleton joined Anderson as Vice President with this merger but left the company a few years later.  Doug’s wife Pamela, who had been with the company since 1980, assumed the position as Vice President.

In anticipation of retiring in a few years, Doug transferred ownership to his daughter, Bryna Kleve and his wife, Pamela Anderson in 2013.  With this transaction, Anderson Automatics became a Majority Woman Owned Business. At that same time, Bryna became President and Doug became Chairman of the Board.  Pamela continues in her capacity as Vice President.